Good morning!

Good morning!

This is a quickie warm up I did this evening, and I liked it so much that I even made the featured image. Excuse my inexperience with this language! It might be a short little quip, but I like it all the same.

She rubbed at her eyes, sighing.

Studying was difficult when she was on her own, but nobody wanted to study this with her. A few of her friends snickered when she mentioned an interest in learning the language, as they all thought of her as quite dim. Her voice broke and stuttered when she spoke in her own native language, and her attempts to learn French or Spanish never really panned out as she didn’t have a grasp on them. All of her peers knew at least one other language, or had some kind of basic understanding of one, except for her.

She didn’t know much math, hardly any science, much less biology (which she found to be the most interesting), could do her taxes online by herself, knew right from wrong and up from down, what candidate to vote for, had an assortment of facts regarding history but no substantial knowledge of it, knew a little about color theory and how to make bacon and eggs, but wasn’t very knowledgeable about much else in life. Languages in particular were touch for her, because even after countless hours, she still barely knew a handful of words from her previous studies.

Japanese was hard. Her hands couldn’t quite grasp how to write any of the kanji, though some of them were pretty close, like よ , ら, こ, and き, and she practiced writing あい “love” until she could barely stand it anymore, which turns out, wasn’t for very long. So far, her favorite phrase to write was おはよう, “Good morning!”. She wrote it over and over until her hand ached, not quite getting the hang of the symbols but liking the way that they looked on the soft pink paper in her brand new notebook. She was sure that she would remember all of this in the morning. She was sure. Then tomorrow, she would learn more characters, and do her best to remember those ones too.

Even if she wasn’t able to become fluent, or even learn more than a few phrases, it was worth it for her to try. It would be even better if she could learn as much of the Japanese language as possible, just so she could say that she learned a language that she thought was beautiful.

Even if everyone else thought she couldn’t.

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