Social Obligations & Other Content Creators

Social Obligations & Other Content Creators

I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to make a post about this, but last night I spent a solid 100$ at an arcade on opening night and walked out with two plush bears I earned fair and square from UFO Catchers. I’m very proud of them. I also got about a thousand or so tickets for the prize counter, but I’m going to save those for later.

Though I was very interested in the arcade itself, and more importantly the bar on the lower level, I only went on the very first day it was open because a friend of mine, Crane Princess, was planning on being there. In fact, I’m fairly certain that I’m going to be included in her video about the opening night of the arcade itself. Neato burrito!

I also got to meet ArcadeJackPotPro, and even though I’ve never heard of him before he gave me a neon yellow Garfield plush. I’ve returned the gesture by following his social media.

The outing was quite fun, and my roommate also joined Crane Princess and I after some time, but before she arrived I felt very strange about the whole thing. I was part of a posse. A youtuber’s meetup event. I, and a few of Crane’s other fans, milled around her and followed her while we all played games together. I’m not very good at connecting with other content creators, and I’m not entirely sure that you can call me a “content creator” when all I’ve done is faffed about on WordPress and posted one of my recent short stories. There will be more though, I absolutely promise you that.

It’s also strange for me to go an entire day without thinking about the book I’m working on or some kind of short story or.. well, anything. Normally, I have all kinds of words and stories and plotlines and characters flying through my head, but today, there was nothing. Maybe it was the lack of sleep and exhaustion from working for 8 hours or just having my mind focused on crane games and how to acquire the plushes that I seek, but it’s still a very strange sensation.

Not to mention, every time I go to help my friends or someone I know with their creative work, I always feel sort of out of place or pushy and not really all that important at all. Maybe I just never connected with other creators in the same way that I do with Crane Princess. After all, she’s been in my bedroom and my son pet cat really seemed to like her.

-Spencer Holly



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