“First Blog Post”

Technically, it would have never have been my first blog post, just my first blog post on this specific blog. I have a habit of making blogs and deleting them or abandoning them, sometimes even before I get to post anything meaningful or get a single follower. It’s a bit sad for the dead, cold blogs I’ve left behind, but the same could be said for all my incomplete journals, sketchbooks, and the google docs tab I’ve had open for two months that has a half-completed story on it.


I hope that in the future I can keep up with this blog and help my stories reach new audiences. I’m working on a book right now, but in between rough nights staring at Zenwriter, I like to pop out short stories here and there.

I made this page on a spur of the moment decision, so maybe later I’ll update it some more and make it look like I know more about website design and WordPress than I actually do.

-Spencer Holly

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